Error description "10"

This error occurs if you cannot connect to authentication server at https://userarea.zennolab.com/ActivateHardware.asmx
Possible reasons:
* No Internet access
* Access to the Internet through a proxy with authorization (remove the proxy in Internet Explorer and provide direct access to the Internet)
* Set the correct time on the computer
* You have enabled two-factor authentication, you must add in the profile your current IP to the trusted list during installation
* Server certificate https://userarea.zennolab.com/ActivateHardware.asmx not considered as a trusted, you should update the root certificates, via Windows Update or add the certificate of the site https://userarea.zennolab.com/ to the trusted.
* Not found security.dll in directory /Windows/system32. Check availability of this dll on your machine and if it is missing put it in for your Windows version.

Try to resolve the problem and run the installation again. If error persists, please contact the manufacturer: support@zennolab.com

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